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Choosing the best support company to look after your IT systems is a crucial business decision. As with any crucial business decision, it is based on the information you have collected. Here are some good questions to ask;
  1. How many technical staff do you have? - A sole trader may leave you exposed while away through holiday or sickness
  2. What current IT Qualifications do you have? - Qualifications are a good measure of whether they can do the job
  3. Are you a Certified Microsoft Partner? - Microsoft Certified Partners represent a high degree of competence and expertise validated by Microsoft
  4. Do they have customer references you can talk to? - Customer references are a good way of checking whether other people are happy with the support provided
  5. How much experience do you have with our technology? - Not all technology is the same, if they are qualified in some other technology it does not mean they can support you
  6. What are your service levels and how do you measure them? - You need some assurances that when there is a problem they will be there to fix it
  7. Can they offer additional help beyond support? - You probably need a company that can support you day to day but that also can help the company achieve its objectives through smart use of technology
  8. Do they speak your language? - being supported by people who only talk in technical jargon may be more frustrating than the problem itself
  9. Is the price too good to be true? - If IT is fundamental to your business success then the lowest quote may be a sure route to harming your business

Wired IT Services offers support to its customers through two methods.

Contracted Support customers enter into an agreement that provides the customer with piece of mind that their IT systems are supported and healthy. The continued health of their IT systems is achieved through a regular, monthly or quarterly, health check onsite where a list of common problem areas are checked.

In between these visits we provide unlimited telephone support where we have the ability to 'view' the customers screen and resolve most problems. In this way you have the assurance of a onsite support technician at an affordable price.

If the problem is serious then the customer can request an onsite visit and Wired IT Services provides service levels for call out response and onsite activity.

ImageAll work we carry out is covered by a Guarantee. In the event of something else failing that is related to the area where we have been working then we will come and fix this without charge. How many other companies make this promise.

Adhoc Support customers do not enter into any specific agreement but can contact us at any time to receive support. Charges are only incurred for customers problems that we work upon.

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IT Support Free Trial

We are offering a no-obligation 30 day free trial on our IT Support services for all new customers.

This means that for 30 days you can use our services to see whether we match up to your expectations.

Just call us on 0845 094 1446