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Sage provide a variety of software products that help run and get the best out of your business. Whether this is keeping your books up to date, managing relationships with your customers or even running your factory Sage has a well known software product that can deliver.

Wired IT Services has been hosting our customers software for many years and often this has included Sage Software. Our customers buy the licences from Sage or an approved licence reseller and we install it on a server dedicated to them. In this way they can focus on getting the maximum benefit out of the software they have bought without having to buy additional server equipment and they can get up and running very quickly.

We already run Sage 200 Manufacturing, Sage ACT!, Sage Line 50 and Sage Payroll but we can run any Sage software product within our hosting platform.

Sage have their own Hosting platform where for a fee you can purchase and gain access to a number of Sage software products. 

Our solution is better as we offer the same services as Sage but offer all of their products not just a select few.

We also will host for you other products that are not from Sage meaning that you do not need to have multiple hosting solutions with differing passwords and support arrangements.


Microsoft CRM - know your customers

If you are looking for a Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM) then you should certainly look at Microsoft Dynamics CRM.It offers everything you would want in a CRM package while providing you with a simple and familiar way of using it. 

In our experience CRM solutions fail not because they do not provide great functionality but simply because no one uses them. You can have the best and most expensive product but unless your sales people use it day in and day out then you might as well have used Excel. Microsoft CRM wins in this area as it is implemented direct into Outlook which means its the one place every Sales person will go every day to organise their messages and calendars.

Microsoft CRM especially in its Hosted form is great for businesses with 500 users or just 2. With Hosting from Wired IT Services the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now avaiable to businesses of any size. With our Enterprise CRM platform you do not need to buy servers yourself and there is not a long drawn installation process. You can be up and running using your existing pc's within a matter of days with significantly less up front cost.

Our Hosted Platform means that we are responsible for the IT infrastructure including Microsoft patching, Anit-Virus, Anti-Malware and new Microsoft Dynamics Releases. We backup up your information twice a day so that you have confidence in recovering data in the event of a failure. All this allows you to concentrate on your business and your customers.

We pride ourselves on being strong on the hosting side which means we are not a specialist CRM vendor. Our skills in implementing Microsoft CRM come from our understanding of the technology and what a business can do with this. In our implementation we do the technical work leaving our customer to tell us how they want their business to run. Other CRM vendors provide a stronger consultancy focus and this means the costs are a lot higher. We think you would prefer to tell us what you need and keep the extra money in your pocket!

Not only is Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM an exceptional product in it's own right, it is also fully integrated with the Microsoft Office Suite . This tight integration enhances user adoption and productivity by keeping them in the Microsoft environment they enjoy. There is no lengthy training or ongoing reliance on specialist Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM resources, because Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM is built for those with long-term self-sufficiency goals.

Access to Microsoft Project without the upfront cost


We all know that Microsoft Project 2007 is an extremely valuable planning tool. In fact for some of your customers it will be the only thing that they accept as a Plan Format.

Unfortunately it is also very expensive especially if you only plan to use it for a short period of time.

There is now an alternative as you can rent it from us for 3 months or more making this is the most affordable way of obtaining Microsoft Project 2007 on a short term basis.

Not only this but we will hold all of your Microsoft Project 2007 files in one place and since this is a Hosted Service then you can access it from any computer that has Internet access.

Work from home, the office or from a customer location using the same software safe in the knowledge that all of your hard work is backed up and available to you when you next logon.

We provide Microsoft Project 2007 to you as a Hosted Service also called Software as a Service. This means that Microsoft Project 2007 is not installed onto your computer but we give you access to logon onto our server and run it as if it was installed on your computer. Its the same software without any features removed as if you had bought it from Microsoft direct.

We think our way is better because;

  • You can use it from any PC or Mac at any time of the day or night
  • We keep your project files safe
  • You can share your files with any other user
  • Working together with a colleague or a customer is easy
  • We keep the whole environment secure
  • We do the software upgrades for no extra charge
  • We are able to offer you help with Microsoft Project 2007 software with guidance or training
  • We guarantee you are up and running quickly

This is the most affordable way of obtaining Microsoft Project 2007 on a short term basis.

Hosted Exchange - Entreprise Email for all

Hosted Exchange is a business class email solution that has all the messaging functionality with none of the administrative burden.

With Microsoft Managed Exchange as the mail server and Microsoft outlook as your client, you and your employees can do more than send and receive email - they can share calendars, folders and contacts. Outlook is available for desktop, browser and mobile access so you are always connected, whether you're in the office, travelling or working at home. You always connect to the same Exchange server, therefore your inbox stays synchronised, no matter which Outlook client you are using.

When choosing managed exchange you get the peace of mind that your email system is always secure, backed up and always available due to state of the art security and privacy, high reliability and performance plus outstanding administration and support.

A managed exchange solution includes:

  • Robust bandwidth
  • Built in redundancy for peak performance
  • 99% network and application uptime
  • Server, network and infrastructure security
  • Timely upgrades and security patches
  • Skilled, experienced and certified staff

The quality of service you will receive from us  Hosted Exchange backed up by our service level guarantees will bring you peace of mind whilst offloading the administration of your messaging system. Plus you get a messaging solution that is richer, more reliable and robust than basic web mail.

Email on the Move

Mobile e-mail solutions offer your customers and your staff the ability to be in constant contact, your only choice is whether you try to do it yourself or rely on our experience. 


ImageE-mail has become the lifeblood of Business over the last 15 years. The ability to connect with your customers and suppliers and interact in a simple, quick and efficient way has made e-mail one of the most popular forms of business communication.


Customer expectations are that you are always available to them. They expect answers to questions whether you are in your office, on a train or stuck in an airport. Will your customers wait until you are next at your computer or will they ask the competition?

Imagee-mail on the move has become popular due to the use of a phone called Blackberry. This allows the user to see and respond to all of their new and older e-mail. It allows the user to see their current calendar even if it has been changed in the office by someone else.

With this information you can be anywhere and still be fully in contact with your work. These are great benefits if you want to be responsive to your customers or your business objectives change within the day.



 There are now many different options including Windows Mobile and recently the i-Phone. All of them have the capability to offer your information PUSHED to you while you are away from the office. Unfortunately this requires you to have some knowledge of how this works and what is right for you.


Wired IT Services have been providing Hosted Services and supporting customers choices in phones for the past 5 years and we are familiar with the options, costs and difficulties associated with getting this all to work.


Wired IT Services delivers mobile e-mail solutions from providing the phones through to connecting them with your e-mail provider. We are experienced in making this activity as seamless as possible so that you can get on with your normal business.

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